To give students and teachers a tool that is easy to use, that will make professional looking websites allowing integration of Google Earth, 360 Video, Street view, images, etc. The projects created by teachers will go into a database that is searchable so that other teachers can use it.

  1. Teachers  and students can create customized field trips for any subject, add in personalized text as well without having to know how to do anymore than how to copy and paste links into a spreadsheet.
  2. A database of teacher created trips will be created and expanded over time so that teachers can share with each other.


Science class:

  • Geology field trips

World Language:

  • Create a tour of a local area, written in the language and describing local attractions.



How does this differ from Google Tour Builder and Tour Creator?

Naviglobe Treks:

Ease of use: Copy and past URL links into Spreadsheet

Repository of previously created projects searchable by grade level and content.

Previously created projects are able to be copied and edited to make own project without a teacher having to start from scratch.

Can use images straight off the internet without having to download images.

Tour Builder: 

YouTube videos are only available as links that navigate you away from the page.

No 360 image or Street View integration

No captions on images to cite sources or explain the picture

Tour Creator: 

No YouTube integration

Designed to be used with VR goggles which are expensive and not accessible by many schools.



The idea for the project started out while talking to a friend and fellow Earth Science teacher Alyssa over dinner one night. We were discussing how geology field trips are becoming more and more difficult to do with our students for a variety of reasons. We discussed the idea of creating virtual reality geology field trips using drone footage, 360 video, Google Earth and Street View so that students could get as realistic of a view of a location without being there. The problem was how to create a “packaged” field trip that was user friendly and easy for a teacher without a strong geology background to use and then to be replicable so that others could make their own and build a global set of geology field trips.  I applied for the Google Certified Innovator program with the idea and got accepted into the Sydney 17 cohort which has been life changing in so many ways.

After struggling with the idea of how to “package” this idea for over 1/2 a year, a chance conversation with a student Caleb led to the current project. I showed Caleb Google Voyages and said that I would love to create something like that. Caleb wrote all the code in order to make that happen, but it was still too difficult for others to replicate since I was going to have to “hack the code”.  After additional conversations, he said he could create an “add on” to sheets that would take information from a sheet template and build a custom web page from it so I hired him on the spot and he started coding everything that I had no clue how to do.

This project is better than I every imagined it would be when first starting out because not only is this great for my original purpose of geology field trips, but can be used by teachers and students to create their own informational trips for all subjects and build a community of free, quality resources for other teachers to use.